5 dead in crashes signals danger of Abu Dhabi roads, need for indicating


IndicatorsAbu Dhabi traffic police are urging drivers to indicate when manoeuvring on the road after five people were killed in the space of a month in accidents caused by motorists making sudden lane changes. The force said a further seven people were seriously injured in January, the latest figures available.

Lt Col Ahmed Al Zeyoudi, head of major accident investigations at Abu Dhabi Traffic and Patrols Directorate, said officers also fined 207 motorists who were caught making sudden manoeuvres on roads across the emirate.

“Drivers should adhere to the traffic regulations and stick to the use of side indicators while changing lanes,” he said. Al Zeyoudi also advised motorists to keep enough distance between vehicles to avoid an accident in the event that another car swerves.

He said police intensified campaigns on traffic awareness in February to crack down on such violations. The Abu Dhabi figures have been released just weeks after the force’s counterparts in Dubai revealed that one in four deaths last year on the emirate’s roads was the result of drivers changing lanes suddenly without indicating.

The head of Dubai Traffic Police, Gen Mohammed Saif Al Zafeen, said the majority of motorists did not signal when changing lanes, a bad habit that cost 41 lives in 2013. Dubai has also launched a campaign aimed at getting the message across that drivers must indicate. Al Zafeen said at the launch: “Many young drivers are not using indicators. When you ask them, they claim indicators are only for old people.”

He added: “Western drivers always use indicators while changing lanes as this is part of their culture. We need to have more motorists doing that as we look for zero deaths in 2020.”