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7DAYS reader offers to help clear maid’s debt in Abu Dhabi

A housemaid who faced jail if she didn’t pay Dhs5,500 to her employer is to walk free thanks to a 7DAYS reader.

A Dubai-based businessman got in touch after reading about the Filipina’s plight  following a court hearing, and offered to clear the debt. The American businessman said he wanted to remain anonymous, but was happy to pay the money to ensure the maid did not go to prison.

“I don’t want my name out there, but I wanted to help out because I felt bad for her,” the businessman told 7DAYS.


An Abu Dhabi court ruled that the Filipina, who ran away from her job, had to pay her employer Dhs5,500 to cover the cost of hiring her.

The woman, who has been receiving legal help from the Filipino embassy, told 7DAYS she had no chance of paying the money by the end of this week, and feared she would be sent to jail.

The maid’s supporters were delighted yesterday to hear the good news.

“It is fantastic news. She only had a few days to pay or she would have been brought to court for non-payment. Now, we must hurry to pay the money so she can stay free,” said a source.

The woman is staying at a Filipino government shelter for runaway maids, located on the grounds of the country’s embassy in Abu Dhabi.

The embassy was yesterday coordinating with the businessman to submit the money to the court before the deadline later this week.

The woman, who said her Emirati employer worked her for 20 hours a day, fled to the Filipino embassy earlier this year. She also claimed she had not been paid for a month and a half when she fled.


  1. Thank God for people like this man. Who give with so much goodness in heart. Unlike the greedy employer.

  2. Amen!!!
    Good man Good job.
    do good and goodness will find you (somehow).

  3. There is always a good Samaritan out there. Thank you on behalf of the Filipino Community in Dubai. Though life isn’t fair, but we trust that God will always provide for the oppressed one.

  4. Thank you Sir!.. May Allah bless you more..

  5. thank u so much.. good samaritan.. god watching you..

  6. God Bless u!

  7. Shokran! God bless you and return this money to you ten fold inshallah.

  8. God Bless you more..!

  9. Thank you very much!! God will Bless you more..

  10. God is good and He will take care of your goodness sir…

    In behalf of Filipino community.
    Thank you very much…

  11. Thank you sir…!!! More blessing, and a good example as a human being…unlike this greedy employer…anyway…!!! Jah sees all.

  12. May God bless that good samaritan…

  13. So, when you fail to pay your workers, they no longer become workers, they become slaves. How is that legal and allowed in UAE?

  14. thank you sir..god bless you,,in behalf of filipino community in dubai

  15. then what happen to the emirati employer in this case?

  16. Thank you Mr. anonymous for having a good heart for helping this lady. God Bless you!

  17. Al HAmdu le Allah !!!
    on behalf of the Filipino community, please accept our whole heated thanks MR. American Business man.
    will pray that Allah will give you more blessings as you deserves it. please keep your heart as kind and good as you are always. May Allah be with you and your Family too.

  18. May God bless you abundantly for helping this lady. If we do not help who are in need, why are we in this planet earth? Pray that the Almighty bless you more and more for being so generous to this noble cause. Hope God may touch more hearts in future so that many people may come forward to help people in need, unlike the greedy employers who have made her slog for 20 hrs.

  19. Thank you very much sir. May God bless you and your family always!

  20. To you Sir , thank you so much ,,,,

    To the emirati lady … God bless you also ,,,

    To my KABAYAN ,,, God is good ,,, move on ,,,

    Lets make peace not war ..


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