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UAE will not bid for 2024 Olympic Games

A formal campaign was expected after the UAE’s National Olympic Committee said last year it was ready to bid for the 2024 Games – as soon as the Dubai government gave it the green light. But, any such plans now appear to have been sidelined. “I don’t think they are bidding for it this time,” Wajdan Dakhooni, the head of strategic planning for the UAE National Olympic Committee, revealed to 7DAYS. “We don’t have the reasons yet, we don’t know exactly, but probably, maybe, the government is not ready yet to participate in an Olympic bid.” Dakhooni said there were still plans to bid to host an Olympic Games in Dubai, but those had now shifted towards events further into the future. “There are plans and we are waiting for feedback,” she said. “Hopefully it will be positive because I think as a country we are ready to go ahead – in terms of facilities, in terms of infrastructure.” Dakhooni was speaking at an announcement in Dubai earlier this week of the renewal of a partnership between sporting initiative ‘School Olympics’ and household goods giant Procter and Gamble. The partnership was created to identify future UAE Olympians. The general secretary of the UAE National Olympic Committee, Mohammed Al Kamali, was unavailable for comment on any plans for a future Olympic bid. Nearly 20 cities have expressed an interest in bidding for the 2024 event, including Qatari capital Doha. Bidding will begin next year, with the winning city announced in 2017.

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