Nutrition experts on hand to help parents in weight-loss for gold campaign


A nutritionist in charge of advising participants taking part in the ‘Your Child in Gold’ campaign has warned parents not to push their kids too hard.

She said children should not be over-exerting themselves in the gym to lose weight for the campaign, where each family member will win 2g of gold for each kilo lost.

Rana Shoucair, a nutritionist at VLCC Wellness, said kids who are participating should avoid the gym and go running and do light exercises at home. She said: “The gyms are for adults. The children can run a little on the treadmill, but should not do heavy lifting.

“They can go running at a park, do push-ups, pull-ups and jumping jacks at home.”

Shoucair also warned parents against eating unhealthy food in front of their children. She said if mums and dads eat a chocolate bar near the child, the child will follow their example. However, Shoucair said one chocolate bar every now and then is OK. “But most of the time that chocolate bar needs to be replaced with an apple or a vegetable,” she added.

Several nutritionists and dietitians will be present at registration locations for the campaign. Each participant will have to spend five minutes with an expert, where they will discuss the contestant’s lifestyle.

“Depending on how they live, we will advise them how to carry out their exercising routines and a healthier diet,” Shoucair said. About 4,000 people have already registered online for the competition. Organisers expect 15,000 in total. Registrations can be made online at