253 traffic accidents after weather chaos in Dubai


Car drowned in rainDrivers in Dubai shunted and skidded their way to an average of 36 accidents an hour over a seven-hour period on Wednesday as wet weather sparked chaos on the city’s roads.

The Dubai Police command room revealed that it received more than 3, 200 emergency calls and recorded 253 traffic accidents between 6am and 1pm.

With more rain expected in the coming days, the crazy antics of drivers in wet conditions prompted a warning from police.

Colonel Khazrag Al Khazragi, deputy director of the Dubai Police command room, said: “We recorded 253 traffic accidents during the rainy weather. The accidents were mainly minor, but we also had major accidents.”

Surprisingly, Al Khazragi said that were no fatalities from the staggering number of crashes during the wet spell, but warned: “Motorists should follow the traffic instructions. Driving in rainy weather or during fog can be dangerous, especially if drivers are speeding or driving recklessly.

“Make sure your windows are clean and leave enough distance between vehicles. Only use the hazard lights for emergency situations. Take your time.”

Meanwhile, Colonel Saif Muhair Al Mazroui, director of Traffic Department in Dubai police warned motorists to check their cars before hit the roads: “Motorists must leave enough distance between vehicles and put seat belts. Traffic accidents rates always high during this rainy weather.”



  1. Bad weather does not cause car crashes.

    People who don’t know how to drive safely in bad weather cause car crashes.

  2. It’s the old story in Dubai and Abu Dhabi..
    The rains come down creating all sorts of problems on the roads and when this happens “The Young Emitates” jump into their high end vehicles to “test the metal” of their cars and drive way r too fast given the conditions they are not used to and thereby creating all sorts of problems….flooding engines and stalling creating a back up in the traffic or driving recklessly causing many accidents. ..these youngsters many of wich are members if very wealthy families so replacing their vehicles is no problem….Unfortunately this does not apply to the many expats living in the UAE. The perpetrators of this sort of behaviour should have consequences for anyone who creates these situations
    For example take their licences away for a period of time…should they default double the time with no licence. ..that will make them think twice and hopefully it will be a lesson learnt once and for all and they won’t do it again!!

  3. I am curious to see how many of those were taking pictures and video for Instagram/Facebook instead of paying attention to the road? Drivers who endanger other people’s lives in hazardous conditions should be fined heavily, have their license suspended and should have to take driving and theory classes and pass the test again.