3D sweets get world debut in Dubai store


After prosthetic limbs and spare parts for robots, it seems sweets are the latest thing to roll off 3D printers.

A UK firm has launched the world’s first high-tech treats at the Candylicious store in Dubai Mall.

Melissa Snover, Managing Director of Katjes Fassin UK Ltd, told 7DAYS: “You get varied tastes and nationalities in Dubai and therefore it was perfect for us to partner with Candylicious. The people of Dubai have a ‘sweet tooth’ and are always interested in the latest tech innovations – a great place to present the Magic Candy Factory.”

The ‘factory’ features two printers that can produce the candies in under five minutes. As for taste, there’s a difference in the regular gummies and their 3D-printed cousins.

“The Magic Candy Factory candies are all vegan, gluten-free and dairy free,” Snover said.

Here’s a video of how these candies are printed:


“The recipe is especially created to be printed – with all-natural fruit and vegetable extracts to create something natural and delicious. Thus, the taste is not only slightly different… it’s even better.”

Although the gluten-free candies can give the impression of being healthy, Snover is quick to point out that “like the name says, the Magic Candy Factory is, of course, about candy”.

She said: “To us, it’s something special to enjoy from time to time. Nevertheless, the benefit of the experience for the whole family is that children and adults can learn about the technology of 3D printing, ingredients in food and making their own choices – the effect is better levels of knowledge which enhances both lifestyle and health.”

For now, though, the printers will only be creating fruit gums. “We’ve invented the recipe for only fruit-based products right now,” Snover said.

“There are no plans to integrate chocolate in the near future.”

The world premiere of The Magic Factory is on Monday. The next destination for the 3D-printed gummies is the US in May.