Video: First robotics store in Dubai


Don’t be surprised if you see robots whizzing past you in Dubai Festival City mall.

That’s because New Zealand-based company Action to Action has chosen Dubai to open its first ‘Robotics and Innovation’ store.

General manager Rami Kabbani says a robot revolution means the world is ready for a robot retail store for gadgets of all sizes that perform any task.


“We believe that five years from now everything will be robotic, and as you know in Dubai always the latest technology comes here first,” said Kabbani.

In its first three days of operations the store has had customers from across the GCC. The store’s most popular robot is a six-legged hexapod, called EZ Robot, where 18 units have been purchased in the last three days by buyers ranging from 17-24 years.

“You build the robot and then you can programme it to do whatever you like,” Kabbani said, adding that his four-year-old daughter uses it to chase the cat.

The robot costs Dhs2,199 with a 3-D printer that can print any attachment you’d like to add to the robot, such as a drinks holder to deliver drinks.

Another popular robot is the Hovis Fighter that is programmed to fight other robots.